Track Your Plant in Real Time with SolarRelax!


Daily / Monthly Production of Your Facility and faults at Your Facility Comes Instantly to You SMS or E-Mail!


With SolarRelax Analyzes and Instantaneous Tracking / Warning System Reduce Your Manufacturing Losses to Minimum!

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What Is ?

SolarRelax is a Solar Energy Facility Tracking Application where you can track your solar facility in real time and receive alert SMS and E-Mail if there is a fault or production abnormality in your facility. With SolarRelax you can track your Solar Energy Facility at any time.

System Features


Instant Tracking

You can watch your facility online instantly without long delays.


Instant Fault Notification

You will be informed by SMS and E-mail about any faults occurring at your facility. In this way you can intervene in the event of a fault at your facility.


Reporting and Production Analysis

SolarRelax can send you production reports by SMS or E-Mail at the end of the day or month. In addition, the system will notify you by e-mail of the less efficient inverters by analyzing the all inverters in facility.


User Authorization

You can authorize your registered users in your facility in different levels. You can authorize your users only to see the inverter status, not to view their financial status of facility or only view certain facilities.

Why SolarRelax ?

  • SolarRelax does not need extra log device because it works over internet.
  • You will not be charged additional charges for SMS and E-Mail sent by SolarRelax.
  • Thanks to automatic inverter searching and inverter recording, you can start to use SolarRelax right away with its fast installation and easy use features
  • Receive information from sensors such as radiation sensor, temperature sensor, and compare and report the information and plant production from these sensors
  • Dashboards and customizable screens for large monitors and televisions which you can track your facility live
  • Quick solution to the problems with domestic support

Facility Displays and Functions

Main Facility Screen

  •  General information of the sub-facilities number of working inverters, instant and periodic production list, production difference according to the previous day
  •  General statistics on the sub-facilities: Faulty facilities, the most and least production facilities sum of the instantaneous power of all the plants and the monetary sum of their production
  •  Production values in the date range, last measurement date, plants DC plan, weather and more

Sub-Facility screen

  •  General information about instantaneous power ,monetary compensation, plant location, DC layout, weather and sub-plant
  •  Instantaneous, Daily, Monthly, Yearly, and Total production graphs of the sub-plant and lists of invoiced production
  •  The power status graph of the inverter in the sub-facility and the detailed information of the inverters, the list of failures in the lower register, and the maintenance logging of plant and more

SolarRelax Demo System


With the SolarRelax Demo system you can test SolarRelax features. It is sufficient to fill out the contact form and make a claim to get an demo account.

Contact and Demo Request Form

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